SMBengage Features and Benefits

SMBengage Features & Benefits

See what’s “under the hood” of SMBengage to start converting your audience to subscribers and leads.

``No Emails`` Lead Generation

At the core of the SMBengage product is the ability to capture leads and lead data from a social connection, making it extremely secure and convenient for the end-user as well as making it easy to both capture one's data from a social network, as well as to be able to port it to wherever you wish, including your app, your website database, your email database, and much more.
SMBengage Features - Social Optins

Lead Your Lead to Anywhere

Even though SMBreviewer integrates with some of the biggest and most common email marketing automation and CRM apps like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse,, and Sendlane... in addition to webhooks and Zapier (that means another 4,000 apps).... SMBengage utilizes a nifty technology to able to integrate almost with any app utilizing simply an HTML form for your provider. That means that apps that don't have very many integrations can depend on SMBengage for lead capture and integrations.
SMBengage Features - Email Automation and CRM Integrations

Build Your Lead Capture without Any Other Tools

By utilizing an integrated, zero-code, and easy-to-use webpage builder, one can quickly and independently begin building leads for any function and purpose. From creating a registration page that can live and be used anywhere, to a dynamic optin page for Facebook ads (or any other supported social network type). Create beautiful and stylized lead generation pages that are flexible to your business's need.
SMBengage Features - Webpage Builder

How Does this App Get Leads Exactly?

About 80% of Americans have a social media profile as of 2019, and that number is climbing at around 2% a year. If there’s anything that’s climbing, it’s the need for businesses to collect email and other relevant data, and email continues to be the #1 go-to communication channel for marketers and businesses.

Email is cheap. It’s affordable. But the problem is getting the email in the first place, with people feeling less inclined to type in their email address and share that information. However, to simply click two buttons to connect their social profile, it’s the lowest barrier to capture an email.

  • Capture Your Audience's Email Without Asking for It.
  • Create Easy to Create Landing Pages without a Website
  • Send that Email to Any Autoresponder or CRM.
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